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We provide our educational services and advice to students from all over the world to help them enroll in the best universities in Georgia.

University Approval

Obtaining Residency

Opening a Bank Account

Airport Reception

Finding Suitable Accommodation

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Company objective

Collaborate with a large number of universities and institutions that offer higher education services. Offer multiple study programs in different cities in Georgia. Provide advanced matching research tools to help students find the most suitable course. Provide a wide range of articles that enable international students to make the right decision regarding their study plans in Georgia. Provide experts to guide students in choosing the most suitable course, obtaining acceptance, traveling, and providing support during their stay.
• Authenticate all your documents and certificates at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Georgian Embassy after translation.
• Log in to the university website after selecting the university to apply for and wait for the approval letter from the university.
• After receiving the acceptance letter, it must be printed and attached with your ID document and high school papers and submitted to the Georgian embassy in your country to obtain a study visa.

Documents required for studying in Georgia:

Online application form
Paper application form
List of selected courses
Copy of passport identification pages
Notarized and translated copy of passport
High school certificate and transcript
IELTS Certificate of English proficiency
Medical certificate

Airport Reception

Our company provides the best transportation and transit services in Georgia for all students coming from around the world. We offer airport reception and transportation services within the country for a safer study trip in Georgia. In addition, we cooperate with major vehicle companies to help you move around Georgia or even leave the country.

Frequently Asked Questions:

The first step is to choose the program you want to study and the university you want to study at, then send all the required documents to us.

The application fee varies depending on the different universities.
Please note that admission fees are non-refundable.

Copy of passport
High school certificate or Bachelor’s degree
Master’s degree with a transcript

There is no age limit for applying to a degree program in Georgia.
Applicants must have a high school diploma


We provide you with excellent study opportunities in the largest accredited universities in Georgia in Egypt. We offer diverse study destinations for students in various fields such as medicine, engineering, business, and more. Some examples of universities are:

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